Data Commons

CRDC’s Data Commons house NCI-funded research data, including genomic, proteomic, imaging, epidemiology, and clinical and translational studies data, as well as canine biomedical data for comparative research. This data comes from select external programs as well as large NCI-funded research projects including, among others:

  • CCDI: Childhood Cancer Data Initiative
  • CPTAC: Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium
  • HTAN: Human Tumor Atlas Network
  • TARGET: Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments
  • TCGA: The Cancer Genome Atlas

Each data commons is regularly updated with new data and software improvements to enhance search, access, and reuse. Each is managed by a team of experts who ensure that data standards and data harmonization requirements are met based on the types of data housed in that Data Commons. Find updated information about data releases on each Data Commons portal.  

Learn more about select NCI-funded research datasets and where they are housed.

CRDC Data Commons
Data CommonKey Features
The GDC is designed to share harmonized genomic data, including WGS, WXS, RNAseq, miRNA-seq, scRNAseq, ATAC-seq, and DNA methylation data. The GDC supports free data downloading (both raw sequencing data and derived data), and hosts both open and controlled access data. The GDC Data Portal supports free online data exploration and analysis of custom cohorts.
PDC primarily shares mass spectrometry-based proteomic data. The PDC portal supports online data exploration and visualization. All data (both raw and derived data) are open access.
The IDC shares de-identified imaging data, including both radiology and pathology slide images. All images are harmonized using DICOM standards. All data in the IDC are open access. 
The ICDC shares data from the veterinary records of pet dogs that naturally developed tumors. Key data types include WXS, WGS, RNA-Seq, and DNA Methylation. All data (including raw sequence data) are open access.
The CDS houses and shares data type-agnostic data that are not a fit for other CRDC data commons. Data go through QC but are not harmonized. The CDS includes both open and controlled access data. 
The CTDC is designed to share clinical, biospecimen, and molecular characterization data from clinical trials and other studies. Users can explore data through the CTDC portal.