Cloud Resources

Three NCI-funded Cloud Resources (CRs), each with distinct capabilities, make CRDC data accessible through their platforms, without the cost or complexity of downloading regularly updated data to a local compute environment.  

Researchers typically use secure workspaces within one of the Cloud Resources for individual or collaborative exploration and analytic work, taking advantage of the cloud’s elastic compute capabilities and the analytical tools. Users can upload their own data to the secure cloud environment for comparative analysis with NCI-funded datasets.

Through the CRs, users have access to thousands of publicly available tools – analytical applications and workflows – that can be tailored for specific projects. Additionally, users can bring their own proprietary tools to their secure cloud workspace. 

Each of the NCI-funded cloud resources has unique capabilities. 

Broad Institute FireCloud (FC)

Focused on running production pipelines

Based on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

ISB Cancer Gateway in the Cloud (ISB-CGC)

Focused on Command-line savvy users, Big Query, and Specialty Databases

Based on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud, powered by Velsera (SB-CGC)

Focused on non-technical users with interface & visual displays

Based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform


Cloud Resources Make Data Sets Accessible

The CRDC CRs make data from various programs and initiatives accessible. Below is an outline of the most used datasets and where they can be found.

Data CommonsDatasetsFCISBSB



TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas)checkmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
TARGET (Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments)checkmarkcheckmarkcheckmark



CPTAC (Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium) checkmarkcheckmark
APOLLO (applied Proteomics Organizational Learning and Outcomes) checkmarkcheckmark
ICPC (International Cancer Proteogenomic Consortium) checkmarkcheckmark
CBTN (Children’s Brain Tumor Network) checkmarkcheckmark
ICDC  CMPC (The Comparative Molecular Characterization Program)  checkmark
COP (Comparative Oncology Program)  checkmark
PCCR The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research)  checkmark
CDS PPTC (Pediatric Preclinical Testing consortium)  checkmark
HTAN (Human Tumor Atlas Network) checkmarkcheckmark
CCDI (Childhood Cancer Data Initiative)  checkmark
IDCTCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) checkmark