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CRDC is NCI’s primary data science platform, sharing data from large NCI-funded programs and projects, including The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC), and Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN), among others.

Researchers can make a data submission request to any of CRDC's Data Commons, and requests are subject to each data common's governance guidelines.

Below is information about the types of data each Data Commons considers, as well as links to data submission instructions and contact information for support.

CRDC Data Commons
Data CommonsTypes of DataData Submission Guidelines 
and Contact Information
Data type-agnostic data that are not a fit for other CRDC Data Commons. Data go through QC but are not harmonized. The CDS has both open and controlled access data.
Harmonized genomic data, including WGS, WXS, RNAseq, miRNA-seq, scRNAseq, ATAC-seq, and DNA methylation data. The GDC has both open and controlled access data.
De-identified imaging data, including radiology and pathology slide images. All images are harmonized using DICOM standards. All data in the IDC are open access. 
Data from the veterinary records of pet dogs that naturally developed tumors. Key data types include WXS, WGS, RNA-Seq, and DNA Methylation. All data (including raw sequence data) are open access. 
Mass spectrometry-based proteomic data. All data (both raw and derived data) are open access.

If your NCI-funded cancer research data do not meet the above categorization, please contact the CRDC helpdesk at