Cloud Resources Analytical Tools

The CRDC Cloud Resources (CRs) offer thousands of publicly available analytical tools and features of interest to researchers with varying skills and needs.  

Broad Institute FireCloud (FC) and Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud, powered by Velsera (SB-CGC) offer extensive repositories of pre-built tools and workflows in Workflow Definition Language (WDL) and  Common Workflow Language (CWL), respectively.  

ISB Cancer Gateway in the Cloud (ISB-CGC) is based on its Google BigQuery tool and is designed for users looking to use derived data in BigQuery tables.  

Tool CategoryToolsFCISB-CGCSB-CGC

CWL Workflow Support

WDL Workflow Support
Nextflow Workflow SupportComing sooncheckmarkcheckmark
Publicly Available Workflows 
from Dockstore
Analysis TypesExisting workflows and tools used by the communityVariant calling (long and short reads), GWAS, RNAseq, ML, Epigenomics, Fusion DetectionVariant calling (short reads), RNAseq, ML, CNV, Epigenomics, correlations using BigQuery derived datasetsVariant calling (long and short reads), GWAS, Bulk RNAseq, Single-Cell RNAseq, ML, Epigenomics, Multiomics, Proteomics, Fusion Detection,Imaging Analysis
TutorialsExample Tool Analysis Projectscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Interactive ApplicationsJupytercheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
RShiny AppsComing sooncheckmarkcheckmark
Galaxycheckmark checkmark
SAS  Coming soon
Command-Line SessionsComing sooncheckmarkcheckmark
Interactive Querying 
(BigQuery, etc)
User-Driven ContentUser Written Workflow Supportcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
User Created Interactive AppsComing sooncheckmarkcheckmark

User Defined Project Resources
Analytic WorkspacesAPIs for scriptingcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Bring your own datacheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Access Controlled Datacheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Cloud Native Tool SupportBillingCloud-specificCloud-specificIntegrated
Command-Line Tools, e.g. gsutilcheckmarkcheckmarkvia Python / R
Make use of Cloud-specific tools such as TensorFlow, BigQuery, etccheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
STRIDES supportcheckmarkcheckmarkComing soon