About the CRDC


The NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) is a secure, cloud-based data science infrastructure that accelerates cancer research by facilitating data submission, sharing, access, interoperability, and cost-effective analysis at scale.

The CRDC makes more than 9.4 petabytes of data accessible from hundreds of NCI-funded programs and studies, as well as data from select external cancer research programs. Additionally, the CRDC offers cloud computation, analytics, and visualization tools that enable the research community to create more powerful ways to make discoveries that accelerate progress to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.

The CRDC includes:

  • Data Commons that collect and manage NCI-funded and approved research data as well as data from select external cancer research programs
  • Cloud Resources that provide secure workspaces and access to thousands of analytical tools to be tailored or used as is
  • An underlying infrastructure with a continuously evolving common data model, as well as defined data standards and services that ensure secure storage, search, and data aggregation across multi-modal research data 

Meet the Team

The CRDC is integral to the mission of the Data Ecosystem Branch, one of three branches included in the Information and Data Sciences (IDS) Program at the Center for Biomedical Informatics & Information Technology (CBIIT), NCI. Each of the CRDC components is led by a data science and/or cancer research professional. The CRDC team collectively represents a broad range of expertise, and includes collaborative leaders from various NCI Divisions, Centers and Programs.

Kanakadurga “Durga” Addepalli, PhD

Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD

Erin Beck, MS

Esmeralda (Emi) Casas-Silva, PhD

Heather Creasy, MS

Tanja Davidsen, PhD

Ina Felau, MS

Emily Greenspan, PhD

Toby Hecht, PhD (DCTD)

Anthony (Tony) Kerlavage, PhD

Erika M. Kim, PhD

Eric Miller, PhD

Robinette Renner, PhD

Pothur R. Srinivas, PhD, MPH, (DCCPS)

Zhining Wang, PhD

Jean Claude Zenklusen, PhD (CCG)

Xu Zhang, PhD (DCTD)


The CRDC team works with national and international organizations to ensure that research data are shared securely and made accessible to the broad cancer research community. Learn more about new initiatives and longer term projects that the CRDC team collaborates with across diverse organizations.  

CRDC Data Use Policy Statement

The CRDC's data sharing and use expectations are consistent with applicable international, national, tribal, and state laws and regulations and relevant institutional policies for data submission, access, and sharing that enable broad data access on the CRDC ecosystem. 

Data available on the CRDC ecosystem are subject to both general and dataset-specific data use policies, and access to controlled data are restricted to authorized users. Users and Users' institutions are responsible for understanding terms of use and adhering to Data Use Agreement(s), Institutional Review Board policies and guidelines. 

Users must ensure that data uses for research purposes are consistent with the informed consent of study participants from whom the data were obtained when uploading or downloading data from the CRDC ecosystem. 

Visit the NCI Office of Data Sharing website for more information.

Contact Us

The CRDC team welcomes input and offers support in using CRDC data and resources. There are many ways to reach us:

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