Clinical Trial Data Commons

Exploring, analyzing, and understanding data from human cancer trials


The Clinical Trial Data Commons (CTDC) is being developed to further expand access to clinical trial data that are advancing our understanding of the relationship between tumor molecular characterization, treatment, response and progression. The CTDC will initially aggregate data from multiple precision medicine studies that tailor treatment to the specific tumor in an individual patient.

The data in the CTDC is structured and queryable using the CTDC data model and data dictionary. Submitted data are processed and then harmonized to maintain data and metadata consistency, integrity and availability to the CTDC users and the rest of the Cancer Research Data Commons.  

Access to the protected data can be requested through standard data access processes. Once access is granted, users will be able to analyze the data files in the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud.

The CTDC provides both a graphical user interface (GUI) and an Application Programming Interface (API) for metadata access. These interfaces enable users to filter, sort, query and review the metadata to identify relevant data files of interest. Once a cohort of interest has been determined, users can analyze the associated data files. With appropriate access control, the data files selected in CTDC will be available for bioinformatic analysis using the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud component of the CRDC.

Data Types

In addition to the metadata for filtering and sorting, the CTDC contains multiple data file types available for analysis.

Note: Table format will be used to combine data types from various data commons


Data Category File Type File Format
Tumor genotype data VCF TXT
Tumor RNA and DNA aligned reads BAM BAM



As precision medicine trials are completed, additional data will be added to CTDC.

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