Clinical Trial Data Commons

Unleashing the power of clinical trial data to advance cancer research


The Clinical Trial Data Commons (CTDC) is being developed to accelerate scientific discoveries that make an impact on cancer outcomes to help people live longer, healthier lives. The CTDC supports cancer research by advancing NCI-sponsored clinical trials data access through:

  • Data Exploration dashboard to quickly visualize and refine searches of aggregated public-access data,
  • Multiple data types including clinical (PDF, CSV) and molecular/sequencing data (bam/bai, vcf, tsv),
  • Data harmonization across trials through alignment with NCI’s cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) Common Data Elements (CDEs),
  • Data visualization and analysis on the cloud via Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud,
  • Developer resources including a Graphical user interface (GUI) and an Application Programming Interface (API), and
  • Federated identity management system for easy, secure access to registered and controlled access data.

Data Types

In addition to the metadata for filtering and sorting, the CTDC contains multiple data file types available for analysis.

  • Clinical data and reports – txt, pdf
  • Molecular findings and sequence annotation – vcf, bam


The CTDC will release datasets from studies across NCI on an ongoing basis including:

Cancer Moonshot Biobank (first release Fall 2023)
The Cancer Moonshot Biobank is collecting tissue, blood samples, and medical information, from cancer patients throughout the course of their cancer treatment to help researchers better understand how cancer changes over time and over the course of medical treatments.

NCI-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH)  
NCI-MATCH is a precision medicine cancer treatment clinical trial. In this trial, people with cancer are assigned to receive treatment based on the genetic changes found in their tumors through genomic sequencing and other tests.

This section will be updated as more datasets are added.  

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