Trans-NIH Interoperability


NIH Cloud Platform Interoperability Effort

The NIH Cloud Platform Interoperability (NCPI) effort will establish and implement guildelines and technical standards to empower end-user analyses across participating platforms and facilitate the realization of a trans-NIH, federated data ecosystem. NCPI was created as an outcome of the NIH Workshop on Cloud-Based Platforms Interoperability held at RENCI on October 3-4th, 2019 to facilitate interoperability among the genomic analysis platforms established by the NCI, NHGRI, NHLBI and the NIH Common Fund.  AnVIL, BioData Catalyst, the Cancer Research Data Commons and the Kids First Data Resource Center are participating in the NCPI and are working together to enable cross-platform data sharing and analysis. 

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Research Auth Service Initiative 

The RAS initiative is a service provided by NIH’s Center for Information Technology to facilitate access to NIH’s open and controlled data assets and repositories in consistent and user-friendly manner. This initiative is advancing data infrastructure and ecosystem goals defined in the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science. The NCI Cloud Resources (CRs) and Data Commons Framework (DCF) teams have been working closely with the NIH Researcher Auth Service (RAS) on the development of the RAS service for the CRDC throughout the last few months. The teams have been collaborating and preparing CRDC technical documentation that details the integrations, timeframe, and risks needed to complete the development work. With the combined efforts, the CRs and DCF presented an update of the CRDC use case to the RAS team and NIH stakeholders at the Aug 5-6th Phase 2 Developer Workshop.  The RAS work is expected to continue throughout the fall and winter of 2020, with the first milestone being completed in Sept 2020. 

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