Center for Cancer Data Harmonization


The Center for Cancer Data Harmonization (CCDH) will facilitate harmonization and assure interoperability of data across the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) nodes and data coordinating centers. Pooling data from CRDC from numerous sources strengthens the power of the information, but only if it can be meaningfully connected. The standards promoted by CCDH will ensure that multimodal cancer research data can be combined in an interoperable fashion, analyzed, and turned into knowledge that's useful to the broader research community.

CCDH serves as a key component of the CRDC and increases the value of the data across all the repositories. This is done by:

  • Creating a harmonized data model (CRDC-H) to facilitate retrieval of the information across CRDC including genomic, proteomic, clinical, comparative oncology, and imaging repositories. 
  • Providing data harmonization and semantics-based services, and technical assistance to CRDC, including data models, metadata, terminology and supporting tools to help users submit, access, and analyze data within the CRDC. 
  • Supporting data aggregation through the CRDC by developing new terminology, metadata, mappings, and models as needed.
  • Building a web-based portal to aid in navigation of the CRDC-H, terminologies, and tools to help with harmonization and mapping. These efforts will further creation, adoption, and dissemination of tools for use in data harmonization.


CCDH - Center for Cancer Data Harmonization Info Graphic