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Broad FireCloud

Broad Fire Cloud


FireCloud, developed by the Broad Institute and funded in part by NCI, is a cloud-native platform that combines a rich ecosystem of functionality, data, and tools centered on data sharing to enable researchers to perform high throughput analyses. The platform supports many large NCI-funded datasets including TARGET and TCGA, as well as data from the Human Cell Atlas, Nurses Health Study, and All of Us, among many others. FireCloud provides over 1,500 publicly available tools to enable researcher analysis, and offers the ability for researchers to bring, edit, and refine their own pipelines through the Workflow Development Language. The data supported within the platform are analyzed through batch workflow execution that is horizontally scalable to handle enormous workloads; as well as interactive analysis through Jupyter notebooks, which can incorporate various kernels and packages to support exploratory analyses of arbitrary scale and complexity. Further support for rich data analysis has been developed for integrations with Bioconductor, R-Studio, and IGV.